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Who Dares Wins: How to Succeed in NZ’s Low-Wage Economy

The last budget focused on mental health. And as I analysed it, I wondered when I too would end up going crazy. Want to improve mental health? Financial wellbeing shouldn’t be ignored.

False Teeth of the Ageing Economy Start to Bite

The grey tsunami will only grow bigger. Low interest-rate life support will continue. If you’re not in stocks now, you might miss out on continued gains.

Will You Survive NZ’s Next Recession?

Markets go up and down. History proves it. Anyone with economic education knows it. But when this cycle goes terribly wrong it could be the next recession.

The Kiwi Gold Rush Is Over

Today we are living in the tail end of what could be called the greatest gold rush of all time. But instead of gold, our prosperity is riding on the backs of technological and industrial innovation.

Why You Should Never Trust an Economist

Most economists work in the upper echelons of government, academia, or big corporate…and we have developed a certain job security by convincing folks that economics is a science. It isn’t.

Winter Is Coming: All the Signs of a Slowing NZ Economy

Orr, Jones and friends seem to think that the economy needs jump-starting. Maybe it does…let’s look at the facts.

Did Adrian Orr Just Predict a Crash in New Zealand?

When the Great Financial Crisis hit in 2008, the RBNZ dropped the OCR by 6%. If something happened today, they only have 1.5% to work with.

What You Need to Know About the RBNZ’s OCR Cut

A jittery response just now from the RBNZ. I’m surprised. I thought we were further from the cliff; on more solid ground.

Feeling Poor? Escape the Wage Trap by Investing Smartly

How do you beat low Kiwi wages? Save whatever you can. Build a dividend-rich investment portfolio.

A Dairy Shockwave in March Could Pop Our Property Bubble

As I watch news of the Australian economy and property market tanking, I worry about our little patch in New Zealand. We’ve had a good run, and we’ve become complacent.

Bye Bye Bach: Cullen Recommends Capital Gains Tax

If you own land…or property…or stocks…or a business…you have just become a victim to the greedy, grubby hands of a government that can’t resist spending more of your money.

Debt Bomb About to Smash New Zealand

Interest rates are looking stable, but there’s another more sinister risk looming…It only takes one thing to go wrong and it can spiral out of control.

4 Industries in New Zealand Poised to Explode in 2019

Today, let’s reach out to the fringes of the market…to the untested, novel ideas that may shape our future.

The Chinese Are Coming — Threat or Opportunity?

If China ever decides to cut off trade with New Zealand, we could potentially experience the collapse of our tourism, dairy and property markets overnight.

All the Money Secrets the Mainstream Won’t Tell You

We believe the best way to serve you is to be both forward-thinking and highly cynical. Business journalists, on the other hand, do neither.