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Is Your Fear Leaving Millions on the Table?

While the market indexes were scathed in 2008–9, certain companies bucked the trend. Investors bought them at good value. They had nothing to fear from an ‘impending correction.’

What’s Your Perception of the Markets?

The truth is there are a number of things happening in the world now to be worried about. But you can’t let it get you too down. What’s easy to forget is the wonderful opportunities that still exist for people.

What’s Your Exit Plan When Financial Crisis Strikes?

If the fire alarm is pulled, and everyone rushes for the escape, how would you fare? Would you make it out alive?

Our Green Light Economy Is Turning Red

Here at Money Morning New Zealand, we feel that the responsible message is caution. Be cautious with your funds. Don’t overexpose yourself…because things could get hairy in a blink of the eye.

What Stocks to Buy During a Market Crash

Rather than run for the hills, I want to implore you to stay in stocks. Recession or no recession, correction or no correction, you can’t keep a wonderful company down.

Life of a Perma-Bear

The life of a perma-bear is tough…You err on the side of caution. You correctly call the red flags. You build your ark.…And the sun just keeps on shining.