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Why a Kiwi Market Overhaul Is on the Cards

Here are my observations and recommendations for a more vibrant investment ecosystem here in New Zealand.

‘Sin Stocks’: The Dark Side of Investing

Today, let’s discuss the interesting conundrum of KiwiSaver funds…and whether or not they ought to invest in ‘sin stocks’.

KiwiSaver Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

For most Kiwis, investing can seem scary, while KiwiSaver appears safe. Better let the pros handle the investments, right? WRONG.

Retirement Dreamers Need This Reality Check

Sadly, many Kiwis fail to plan. They figure their KiwiSaver will get them through retirement…All good, right? Unfortunately, it probably won’t be.

Severe KiwiSaver Error Strikes 446,534 Victims

A group of nine financial advisors recently unearthed a startling discovery for KiwiSaver members.