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The Ghost of Christmas Present

Is gold a better Christmas gift than cash? It wasn’t that long ago that we were convinced that inflation would destroy the value of the dollar.

Speculators Bet on More Stimulus

The Fed doesn’t have a pile of cash sitting in the vault. It just creates money out of thin air.

Markets Revert to the Mean Eventually

‘Nobody knows anything,’ may be Gospel Truth. But it doesn’t tell you what movie to watch or what stock to buy.

Inverted Yield Curve Signals Coming Recession

When the economy is healthy and growing, people buy stocks and the index generally goes up. These inverted yield signs signal an oncoming recession.

Does Dow History Tell Us We’ve Already Seen America’s Peak?

Markets, economies, and even empires move in great, long-term swings. Sometimes they are forward-looking and expansive. Look at the american stock market.

Gold Tells Us the Stock Market’s True Condition

Buying the Dow with 40 ounces of gold in January 2000. By January 2011, the Dow 30 stocks would cost 8 ounces.

The Federal Reserve Will Inflate the Economy Further

The Fed has to inflate the financial sector with more cheap credit, or the boom will die.

Stocks Have a Rendezvous with Destiny

Stocks couldn’t decide where to go yesterday. Up? Down? So, they went nowhere. Nowhere is about as good as it gets in this market.

Trump Missed His Chance to Make America Great Again

Trump, many believe, is the Messiah. He will wipe away every tear. Mourning, crying, and pain will be no more. He will deliver us from evil, they think.

Prepare for the Financial Volcanic Eruption

I’m in New Plymouth, on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand (NZ). The bolthole search continues. You’ll find more on that below.

Bill Bonner: Seeing Eye Human

Untying the US economy from China is not possible. The relationship is sick…but symbiotic. The US provides the fake money. China provides the cheap stuff.

This Happens, Buy Stocks

The combined value of the FAANG stocks — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — is down by about $1 trillion from its peak. Why?

Why Are Central Banks Now Buying Gold?

Central bankers usually add gold to their reserves to diversify, and to provide a hedge against inflation. According to Bloomberg, central banks now hold about a fifth of the gold ever mined.