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How to Buy a Home for $10,000

Right now, I smell the start of another potential revolution. Millennials are looking for new, innovative ways to solve their housing crisis.

Ignore This House Buying Strategy at Your Own Peril

‘You can’t time the market. Buy now.’ This is downright one of the WORST, most DANGEROUS pieces of advice one could utter.

Homeowners Could Be Saying Adios to $400k

This week, an alarming study was released describing just how close we are to NZ housing hitting the fan…

What New Zealand Can Learn from the Venezuela Housing Crisis

Once upon a time, in a beautiful country…there was a shortage of homes. In stepped a benevolent authority figure. He reckoned he could sort this mess out. Here’s that country today…

A Solution to Today’s Housing Crisis

Did you hear about the family in Papakura currently paying $520 per week to live in a swamp? Not a house surrounded by swamp; rather a house slowly sinking into the swamp water.

The S-Word: How Today’s Proletariat Could Find Justice

The modern villain isn’t the bayonet-clad commie; it’s the rich fat cat on Wall Street. It’s old money. It’s the one percent.

Foreign Homebuyers BANNED

Lots of people seem to think that 25%, 50% or even 75% of homes are going to foreign buyers, but the reality is that it’s less than 5%.