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America Waits for the Feds to Rescue the Coronavirus-Stricken Economy

Republicans and Democrats are usually at loggerheads. But now the feds are working together to boost government spending. These are extraordinary times.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Alan Greenspan is a name you will surely recognise. His tenure at the Federal Reserve saw the rise of easy-money policies. Here are the consequences.

Trump Isn’t Capable of Real Evil

Donald Trump is facing an avalanche of problems. The Chinese refuse to deal with him. The Democrats want to impeach him. Could things get any worse?

The US Is Throwing Money at Trivial Problems

America spends so much money on frivolous things. Military interventions, global espionage, quid pro quo arrangements. Here’s why it’s so wasteful…

The Feds Keep Inflating, But Someone Has to Pay America’s Debts

It doesn’t really matter whether you vote Republican or Democrat. There’s no escaping the mounting debt burden that America is now facing.

Most of the Rich Aren’t Corrupt

It’s become fashionable to blame the rich for every ill in society today. But here’s why we should take a deeper look at what’s under the surface.

Consistently Spending More Than a Nation Can Afford Causes Its Fall

America won’t be the first nation ruined by a corrupt elite, runaway spending, and a too-powerful military. The formula is classic.

Donald Trump, Deep State Challenger or Friend?

Donald Trump came into power promising to challenge the Deep State. It’s looking more and more like a broken promise that Trump can’t deliver.

Our Financial Situation Could Always Be Worse

Let’s face it: our financial situation is bad, and it’s getting worse. Neither the president nor the people aiming to replace him have a good plan.

The Rich Will Be Scapegoats for the Next Financial Crisis

In 2007, total US debt, public and private, was under $50 trillion. Today, it’s over $73 trillion.

The Deep State Runs the American Empire

What do these foxes want? Money. Power. Status. The usual.

Speculators Bet on More Stimulus

The Fed doesn’t have a pile of cash sitting in the vault. It just creates money out of thin air.

Trump Encourages Spending Ahead of Next Election

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is for the Fed to enable the boneheads in the White House and Congress to spend more money

Why We’re Not on the Trump Bandwagon

Put the cronies in charge of business. Let the loyal apparatchiks control prices. Then, print money to cover your deficits. What could go wrong with that programme?!

How America Goes Full-Venezuela

We suspect a big disaster is coming later in the century…and why we suspect it will be centred in the Fake Money Capital of the World – the USA.