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The Greatest Financial Crime of the 21st Century

It’s been 10 years since the Great Financial Crisis. That’s when former Fed chief Ben Bernanke bailed out Wall Street. Did he do the right thing?

It Feels Like 2007 All Over Again…

The latest numbers are in. Everything from job growth to GDP growth is looking rosy. But let’s not get too confident about our prospects just yet.

Was the White House Wrong About Everything?

The Trump administration previously said that its budget deficit would be $526 billion. Unfortunately we now know it will be twice that much — over $1 trillion.

The Top Five Most Vulnerable Economies

Author James Mackintosh believes that the countries least affected by the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) are primed to suffer the worst in the next crisis.

Football Folly: Why You Can’t Always Trust the Numbers

The statisticians have done poorly this year. Despite some of the best forecasting software in the world, financial giants like UBS and Goldman Sachs can’t seem to get it right.