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So Much for the ‘Trump Boom’…

Both Republicans and Democrats now put their faith in stimulus. The Republicans aim to stimulate the economy with tax cuts. The Democrats look to bigger deficits.

America’s Real National Emergency

GDP is falling, not rising…at a 6% annual rate. And if this keeps up, it will rival America’s Great Depression in severity.

The Real Threat Is in Washington

GDP is increasing at 2.5% per year. Federal debt is increasing twice as fast. No way is that going to have a happy ending.

Behind the Mueller Distraction…a Hellish Catastrophe

When a recession comes, annual borrowing will soar to $2 trillion, probably sending total government debt to $40 trillion by 2030.

Trump Has Found His ‘Stimulus Guy’

The idea of putting Mr Moore in at the Fed is to make sure the economy stays in line. The Fed today is by, for, and of the Deep State.

A Bomb Cyclone Is Headed for Stocks

Last week, we were looking at who pays unpayable federal debt. As we studied the subject, a whirlwind of staggering news blew up.

At Least in the Country, They Survive…

This week, we’ve been exploring the age-old question: Who pays unpayable debt? The borrower?The lender? Someone else?

Three Reasons Why America Can’t Get a Grip

Show us the politician who wins the White House by promising to cut the voters’ benefits, raise their taxes, and end military boondoggles all over the planet? He doesn’t exist.

Paul Volcker Can’t Save Us This Time…

Still no visible crack in the stock market. But the economy may be breaking down. First, there is growing recognition that the Obama/Trump recovery has been a flop.

All Aboard the DebtBall Express

And now, the runaway train gathers speed. The federal deficit was $587 billion in Obama’s last year. Mr. Trump’s budget increases it to $1 trillion.

Trump’s Real Motivation to End the Trade War

We never expected the president to go Full Retard on his trade war. Instead, we thought he would settle the issue…as he did the trade war with Canada and Mexico…in some ongoing, negotiated mush.

How the Feds Socialised American Capitalism

Already, America’s medical system — 17% of the economy — is largely socialised. So is the education system — another 7.3%. And don’t forget Social Security.

Our Third Bold Prediction

The federal government is already adding $100 billion a month to its debt — and we’re still in a boom. And it won’t be long before the boom ends.

‘The Horse Fell Over on Him…’

Yes, there is an ‘us versus them’ that is real. But it’s got nothing to do with Republicans – Democrats, Black – White, Protestant – Catholic, US – Mexico.

The Real Problem with AOC’s Tax Hike

Americans seem to be getting on board the ‘tax the rich’ train faster than they can sell tickets for it. Envy is readily disguised as ‘virtue signalling,’ and larceny is easily confused with reducing ‘inequality.’