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Government Spending for a Coronavirus ‘War’ Will Not Boost Economy

This isn’t a post-WWII economy. Today, because of the coronavirus, stocks are coming off the biggest bull market in history.

We Took the Road From Virtue to Manipulation

America was once a nation of financial virtue. We remember the last president who endeavoured to do what was right…and the madness that came after…

Federal Reserve Sinks Into Funny-Money ‘Normalcy’

The Federal Reserve knows that the fake boom depends on more and more fake money. It’s a reckless addiction, and here’s why it won’t stop.

The Forces That Degenerate an Empire

We tend to take the dominance of America’s empire for granted. It’s big, benevolent, and eternal. But, increasingly, there are signs of decay.

The U.S. Government Will Continue Drowning In Debt

The accumulation of debt is probably the greatest national security crisis in America. Why aren’t we talking about it more?

Reflecting on the Creation of the Funny Money Standard

It’s a sad day. Paul Adolph Volcker, the last honest chairman of the Fed, has just passed away. America certainly needed more men like him.

Central Banks Create Money out of Nowhere

Central banks are treating money as if it grows on trees. They are obsessed about lowering interest rates and raising debt levels, with dire consequences…

The US Is Throwing Money at Trivial Problems

America spends so much money on frivolous things. Military interventions, global espionage, quid pro quo arrangements. Here’s why it’s so wasteful…

Consistently Spending More Than a Nation Can Afford Causes Its Fall

America won’t be the first nation ruined by a corrupt elite, runaway spending, and a too-powerful military. The formula is classic.

Our Financial Situation Could Always Be Worse

Let’s face it: our financial situation is bad, and it’s getting worse. Neither the president nor the people aiming to replace him have a good plan.

The Extinction of the Fiscal Conservative

The Democrats were early adopters of the ‘deficits don’t matter’ flapdoodle. Once in power, Republicans found it useful, too.

How Hot Money Put America in Hot Water

Hot money is only useful for speculators. They can use it to take leveraged positions in stocks and bonds — where they know they can unload them and get out at a moment’s notice.

Uncle Sam Takes More Than Taxes From the Middle Class

The Trump tax cut was no real cut at all. The average person will save less than 2% on his tax bill. But his real cost of government went up — 10 times as fast.

What America’s Elite Have Planned for Your Money

The ‘stimulus’ programme is a wealth transfer scheme pretending to be economic policy. The Deep State, Washington, Wall Street, and The Swamp all benefit from it.

Trump and AOC Actually Agree on Something…

The Fed put in $3.6 trillion of fake new money. And the federal government ran some $11 trillion in deficits. Result: The greatest stimulus of all time produced the weakest recovery on record.