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The Coronavirus ‘War’ Is a Deep State Power Grab

Small businesses will get some coronavirus crumbs from this stimulus bill. But Big Government looks out for Big Business, not small business.

An Empire’s Demise: Self-Serving Military Elite

As the American empire degenerates, the military ceases to serve the homeland at all. It serves only itself. How did it come to this?

We Need to Decipher Who Our Real Enemies Are

All eyes are on the Middle East now as tensions simmers between America and Iran. But should we be watching the Deep State instead?

Military Strikes Won’t Solve America’s Middle East Problem

Donald Trump has done the unthinkable: he’s killed a high-ranking foreign military official. Is this an easy fix for America or the prelude to disaster?

The Feds Keep Inflating, But Someone Has to Pay America’s Debts

It doesn’t really matter whether you vote Republican or Democrat. There’s no escaping the mounting debt burden that America is now facing.

The Deep State Already Runs the Country

How come the Deep State is out to get Donald Trump? It’s a complicated answer, but it comes down to greed and mismanagement.

Donald Trump Steps in and Funds The Swamp

As we showed, the man from Queens has turned out to be the best friend the Swamp and military-industrial complex ever had.

Donald Trump, Deep State Challenger or Friend?

Donald Trump came into power promising to challenge the Deep State. It’s looking more and more like a broken promise that Trump can’t deliver.

Is the Deep State Behind the Impeachment?

There are whisperings now that the Deep State might behind the impeachment proceedings. Just look at the military people making an appearance.

The Deep State Runs the American Empire

What do these foxes want? Money. Power. Status. The usual.

Democracy Is a Scam

The Deep State, along with its hangers-on, profiteers, and enablers, has goals of its own. It wants more power and wealth for itself.

Americans Are Losing the Only Fight Worth Having

Like every other government programme, military spending is maybe one part real defence and three parts humbug and bamboozle…

Trump Has Found His ‘Stimulus Guy’

The idea of putting Mr Moore in at the Fed is to make sure the economy stays in line. The Fed today is by, for, and of the Deep State.

A Bomb Cyclone Is Headed for Stocks

Last week, we were looking at who pays unpayable federal debt. As we studied the subject, a whirlwind of staggering news blew up.

The Only Way to Drain The Swamp…

The present administration is adding to the federal debt at the rate of about $3 billion per day. Trump’s budget proposal pretends that his extra debt is nothing to worry about.