In Part 5 of the Persecution and (political) Assassination of Donald J. Trump, as performed by the mental defectives, jackasses, and turpitudinous con artists of the Deep State, we finally answer the question: How come they’re out to get Donald Trump?

The answer: It’s complicated.

Epic battle

We saw last week how the epic battle for the soul and future of America is over. The Deep State won.

No victory parade was held. And the Constitution was not repealed or rewritten. But the Deep State now controls the White House, Congress, the courts (more or less), the universities (more or less), the Pentagon, the bureaucracy, the dollar, the budget, and the press.

The Donald never even knew what hit him. He apparently never understood what was going on…never had any serious intention of interfering with it…and never had any coherent plan to do so.

Nor does any other politician on the national stage.

Last week, after the latest debate by Democratic presidential hopefuls, a news report offered to tell us ‘where the candidates stand on the issues.’

‘Oh boy,’ we thought, ‘this is where the rubber meets the road.’ But there was neither rubber nor road. Instead, we got the latest blah-blah talking points on health, climate change, gun control, education, and immigration.

Tacit alliance

Neither the candidates, nor the press, nor the public seems willing to face the two things that matter most — money and war.

The $1 trillion budget deficit…soon to be $2 trillion…is not even an issue. Nor is the $1 trillion the US spends to maintain its sprawling empire. This means that none of the Democratic candidates are a threat to the Deep State. Nor is Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, or any other Republican challenger.

They are like fish not realising that they are in water. All swim along happily with the Deep State program. And if any has the wit to understand what is going on…or the gumption to try to do something about it…he is soon eaten up by the sharks.

For example, when Tulsi Gabbard dared to propose pulling out of our Middle East quagmires, Hillary Clinton — the Great White one herself — accused Gabbard of being a ‘Russian asset.’

The Deep State wins regardless

Democrat? Republican? Trump? Warren? Clinton? The Deep State is covered.

But the Deep State is not a homogenous or centrally controlled organisation. It is not a conspiracy of spooks, meeting in secret and plotting a takeover of the country. Instead, it includes hundreds of thousands of people who already run the country.

It is a loose and tacit alliance of cronies, politicians, bureaucrats, consultants, experts, economists, lobbyists, the press, professors, the whole medical care complex, and the military and its contractors.

There are so many mansions in this house, the walls bulge and the nails pop. And the people who live in them have many different competing interests. But they have one single overriding common agenda — to shift power, status, and wealth from the public to themselves.

That is what makes them different from you and us: They can get richer only by making us poorer. And that, and only that, is the reason federal spending, debt, and fake money go in only one direction — up.

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Three-legged stool

There are three legs to the Deep State stool. One controls the guns. Another seeks control over the voters. The third controls the money.

The most powerful and dangerous of the three legs is the one Dwight Eisenhower warned about: the military-industrial complex. It’s gotten much more complex…and much more powerful…since Eisenhower outed it in 1961.

The second leg is the politically correct, mostly culturally liberal, non-deplorable elite who dominate the universities, the media, and the Health, Education, and Welfare complex.

Wall Street is the third leg. It is not interested in politics. It is interested in money itself. But it knows that today’s fake money comes from politics, and it does its part, along with the rest of the Deep State, to keep it flowing.

Deep State vs. Trump

Wall Street famously opposed Mr Trump in 2016; the financiers had already bought and paid for Ms Clinton. They had no doubt she would stay bought, for she was the perfect Deep State champion, one whom all factions could support — a warmonger…a ‘liberal’…and a Wall Street toady all in one.

At first, the markets fell sharply when they saw they had bet on the wrong candidate. But in a matter of minutes, they realised that Mr Trump — a leveraged real estate speculator and the self-styled ‘king of debt’ — was not about to turn off the fake-money taps.

The military-industrial faction, too, had its doubts about Trump in 2016. He promised to end the endless wars. But it too soon realised that the wild man from Queens could be easily tamed. Generals Mattis, Flynn, McMaster, and Kelly were brought into the White House…and the deepest part of The Swamp — headquartered in Northern Virginia — was soon getting deeper.

Military-industrial complex

But over time, the generals gave up…were fired…or broke faith with the knucklehead president. And in the latest go-round on Syria, Trump showed he could be a worrisome nuisance.

On October 23, 40 retired admirals and generals called on Trump to conduct himself in accordance with the values of the armed forces. This extraordinary missive followed [Admiral, ret.] McRaven’s call in an October 17 New York Times op-ed piece that if Trump wasn’t prepared to stand up for the hallowed principles of the republic and its institutions, then it was time for a “new person” in the oval office.

As Lt. Col. Vindman put it, Trump was ‘promoting a…narrative [that was] inconsistent with the consensus views of interagency.’

In other words, the generals, foreign policy experts, politicians, and bureaucrat lifers (all aided and abetted by crony capitalists, campaign donors, and lobbyists) have their own plans for stomping around the globe; they don’t want the White House butting in.

The ‘liberal’ faction, meanwhile, detested Donald Trump from the get-go and invented fantasies about ‘Russian interference’ to explain his election victory. It has now teamed up with elements from the Pentagon faction to get rid of him. And, in The Donald’s collusion with the Ukrainians, they think they might have enough to get him impeached…or maybe just weaken him for the 2020 election.

Classic formula for the Deep State

But in last week’s House vote, not one of the Republicans voted to continue impeachment proceedings. Does this mean that the president, in the judgment of 196 intelligent men and women (mostly lawyers), is innocent?

Or is it another sign that the system is rotten, and that its ‘laws’ — in this case the US Constitution — no longer matter? Instead, is this just an internal Deep State faction fight, where party members act less like honest stewards of the public weal, and more like henchmen defending a mob boss?

That is the question we take up tomorrow. As we will see, America won’t be the first nation laid low by a combination of a Deep State, runaway spending, and a too-powerful military. The formula is classic. From ancient Rome to modern Venezuela, the road to ruin is clearly marked, well lit, and well-trod.

More to come…in our miniseries finale, complete with barbarians at the gates…collapsing empires…10 million percent inflation…and more!

Stay tuned…


Bill Bonner