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5 Things You Have To Know Before You Start Trading Forex

Forex trading can be exciting. It’s a fairly unique form of trading, and a high-energy market. Here’s how you can get started…

PrimeXBT Research: Are Financial Markets Ready for Recovery?

What does reopening our economy mean for global assets like forex, gold, oil, and cryptocurrency? This exclusive guest post from PrimeXBT does a deep dive.

Executive Order 6102 Led to the Fall of America’s Money System

Have you ever heard of Executive Order 6102? Most people haven’t, but it’s one of the most profound mistakes in American history.

Inflate-or-Die Traps Will Show up in Almost Every Economy

That country, too Argentina, is in an Inflate-or-Die trap. The pro-business
president, Mauricio Macri, tried to resist inflating. He died.

Your Key to Forex Profits

How do you know when there might be a currency upside opportunity? The key to forex profits can be hard. Let me share them with you.

Can You Make Money by Selling Money?

When you hear about foreign exchange and currency, you’re bound to hear the phrases ‘strong’ and ‘weak’. I’m not a big fan of those terms…

Bitcoin Not to Blame for Money Laundering

When cryptocurrencies like bitcoin were created, the dark world of crime issued a worldwide sigh of relief. At least, that’s what the mainstream suggests.

Unusual Activity Sighted in Chinese Money Printing Presses

When Chinese printing presses received the order to start printing cash at maximum capacity, it was highly unusual. But it wasn’t yuan that they were printing.