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Buying Stocks Is Not Enough…

Last week, a group of globalists had talks behind closed doors. In their hands is the concentrated power to create money, disturb financial markets and ruin household wealth.

What Are the Smartest Minds in Finance Thinking Right Now?

I’ve been extremely lucky to go on this mission. My aim: to gather as much information from some of the best minds in finance today.

Gasping for Breath — Why an Economic Knockout is Coming

Right now, across the markets, investors have had the wind knocked out of them…And the decision has to be made — is this just a normal market mood swing? Or the end of the world as we know it?

This Rare Recession Indicator is Flashing Amber

If you are not familiar with bonds, they are basically a loan agreement. Usually the longer the term of the debt, the higher the yield since the risk is higher. Yet sometimes, this curve inverts.

The World’s First Blockchain Bond

Slowly, blockchain is starting to filter into our financial life. There is a lot of investment going into blockchain projects.

Your Doomsday Survival Guide

if society collapsed tomorrow, how would you fare? Would you have what it takes to survive?

This Could Be a Sign of the Next Crash

For most, 1994 wasn’t particularly memorable. There was no presidential election, no major geopolitical shocks, no stock market crash. In fact, 1994 started like any other year. The US economy was in its 34th month of growth. Bond yields were historically low. Wages were