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How Many Lives Does the COVID-19 Shutdown Save?

The real increase in deaths – caused by the COVID-19 virus alone – may be only 1%. And most of those may be premature, but not by much…

America’s Economic Experiment Won’t End Well

This great experiment is destroying the heart and soul of our prosperity — the win-win, give and take deals in the free market economy.

Uncertainty, Fed Spending Complicate U.S. Coronavirus Response

Information on the coronavirus runs rampant, confusing Americans. Experts offer conflicting opinions. Where do we turn and what do we believe?

Fed Power Balloons in Times of Crisis

In an unhealthy, fake-war economy, the feds call the tune. More debt. More spending. And, sadly, we all suffer as a result.

The Problem with the Feds’ COVID-19 Response

We have no real beef with the feds attempting to deal with the virus. We only take issue with the collateral damage they have inflicted in the process.

The Coronavirus ‘War’ Is a Deep State Power Grab

Small businesses will get some coronavirus crumbs from this stimulus bill. But Big Government looks out for Big Business, not small business.

More Government Spending Expected in Wake of Coronavirus Pandemic

The situation in America is grim. The government will soon be spending over half of GDP. And they’ll destroy the rest in good time…

Coronavirus Lockdown Saves, Damages Lives

Is it really worth locking up millions of people to save the few? This is the awful dilemma that the coronavirus presents us.

The Coronavirus Financial Toll Is Soaring

The Fed is printing $125 billion a day to support the economy. And now Donald Trump is proposing another $2 trillion for infrastructure…

Fake Money Is Killing the Economy

The feds are throwing fake money at an enemy they can’t beat: capitalism. But all the fake money in the world won’t create real wealth…

U.S. Coronavirus Spread Invokes Heavy Government Intervention

The losses in the Main Street economy are real. The feds can’t make them up. All they can do is create more fake wealth…

Government Spending for a Coronavirus ‘War’ Will Not Boost Economy

This isn’t a post-WWII economy. Today, because of the coronavirus, stocks are coming off the biggest bull market in history.

U.S. Stimulus Action Points to ‘Inflate-or-Die’ Future

When you start down that long, lonesome inflation highway, it’s very hard to turn around. Each stimulus brings on another crisis.

Federal Stimulus Expansion Will Lead to More Economic Crises

The feds want to pump more stimulus into the American economy. But real money is not unlimited. And when the limits are passed, bad things begin to happen.

Panicked Coronavirus Response Show Stark Contrast to 1919 Flu Outbreak

How does America’s coronavirus response compare with what we saw during the Spanish flu of 1919? Well, frankly, it’s far more chaotic.