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Where the Market Will Go Next

The primary trend of the market had changed from bullish to bearish. But that doesn’t mean it will be a straight shot down.

One Mistake Dooms Investors…

Both Trump and Powell will do all they can to save this market. Both are avoiding a bloodbath because the blood will splatter on their own white shirts.

Could This Be the Start To A Bear Market for the ASX?

The ASX 200 shed another 60-odd points on Tuesday, or 1% of its value. Is this another sign of global growth peaking? Probably.

Donald Trump Has Found His Next Fall Guy

It was inevitable, wasn’t it? Low interest rates and mounting debt have paved the way for our markets to fall. But this is just the beginning.

Can Only ‘Good Guys’ Enforce the Constitution?

The financial markets are out of control. Which means a crash is all but inevitable. Can the US Supreme Court do anything about it?

The Bear Hunter: Long Live the Bull Run

It’s a great time to be a Kiwi investor. But lately, the number of red flags compels many to be skeptical of the current trends’ sustainability.

Life of a Perma-Bear

The life of a perma-bear is tough…You err on the side of caution. You correctly call the red flags. You build your ark.…And the sun just keeps on shining.