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Uncertainty, Fed Spending Complicate U.S. Coronavirus Response

Information on the coronavirus runs rampant, confusing Americans. Experts offer conflicting opinions. Where do we turn and what do we believe?

Deadly Coronavirus, Federal Debt Threaten the American Empire

The coronavirus is laying bare all the weaknesses of the American economic system. Debt. Deficits. Mismanagement. What will happen next?

Federal Reserve Rate Cuts, Stimulus Prepare Economy for Recession

We’re in a full-blown Inflate-or-Die economy, with a volatile stock market, low Treasury yields, and dropping transport numbers…

What to do When Inflation Hits the Economy Soon

The end of the stock market boom is unpredictable. But each passing day brings us a day closer to when it will crash and burn.

The Longest-Running Bull Market in History Won’t Last Much Longer

The bull stock market has suffered through a couple rough days. Trade wars…impeachment…recession warnings… — commentators look for explanations.

Then He Handed Us an Envelope Full of Cash…

Three mayors. Three failures. Which just goes to show how much Baltimore has changed.

A Message from the Future: Thanks a Lot…You Jerks

You ran up $22 trillion in debt by 2019. Who did you think was going to pay that? Not you. Donald Trump was already 72. And the average baby boomer was in his 60s, getting ready for retirement.

All Aboard the DebtBall Express

And now, the runaway train gathers speed. The federal deficit was $587 billion in Obama’s last year. Mr. Trump’s budget increases it to $1 trillion.

Capitalism Didn’t Fail America. We Failed Capitalism

Some say capitalism has failed America. More likely, America has failed capitalism. Capitalism needs capital. Real money, in other words. The feds gave it fake money.

AOC’s ‘Solutions’ Will Just Make Things Worse

In a free (capitalist) system, some people will always work harder, get luckier, invest their time and money more wisely, and get richer.

Prepare for the Financial Volcanic Eruption

I’m in New Plymouth, on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand (NZ). The bolthole search continues. You’ll find more on that below.

Trump Missed His Last Great Opportunity

What kind of a Commander in Chief would describe brave and heroic achievements from more than half a century ago, but lack the courage to confront an ongoing pattern of wasted lives and wasted trillions?

Trillion-Dollar Deficits From Here to Eternity

In America today, it is almost impossible — politically — to cut government spending or to raise taxes. That leaves debt as the only way forward.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Danger to The Nation

A big, new danger appeared in Congress this month: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newest representative of New York’s 14th district.

What We Learned From 2018…

After a week at the family farm, we had come back to the city for New Year’s Eve. But hardly had the new year begun when the echoes of the old year filled the streets and alleyways.