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Listen to Dr Oliver Hartwich Now

How can we fix our country? Dr Oliver Hartwich has some answers. He examines our nation’s chronic problems and offers urgent solutions.

Vistafolio Review: March 2023 — Unexpected Bank Bumps

Our portfolio remains positive despite bank fears. For courageous investors, this brief drama has created a golden opportunity to buy assets for the long-term.

Investing During a Storm?

Are you waiting for the turbulent market to stabilise before investing? Well, your strategy could be wrong. Believe it or not, the best time to invest is during a storm.

Virtue Signalling: A Waste of Time?

Rage and fury. You can’t deny it: Posie Parker’s visit to New Zealand has deepened the divide in our culture war. What’s really at stake here?

Bank Failure: Protecting Your Money as Risks Rise

When Silicon Valley Bank fell over, it started a chain reaction of panic. But what is the actual risk here? What can you do to safeguard your money?

Our Doomsday Glacier: It’s Not What You Think

Forget climate change. Our biggest existential threat is close at hand, and it’s tied to our demographic crisis. Is it too late to stop it?

Is Your Wealth Safe in New Zealand?

The smartest investors in the country are already diversifying their assets globally. Here are three urgent reasons why you need to consider doing this.

Collateral Damage: What Happens When Rates Rise?

Rising interest rates usually lead to a recession. Does this make you feel anxious? Well, here’s our recipe for looking ahead and preparing for the next boom cycle.

Is Your Money Safe in the Bank?

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has stunned the world. But is the fear overdone? Here’s the real story that journalists aren’t telling you.

The Market Is Shocked: No Recession Yet

It’s official: the economists were wrong about the recession. We are still experiencing an expansion. What does this mean for interest rates?

Economic Warning: Standing Up for New Zealand

Is economic opportunity vanishing from New Zealand? That’s a terrifying thought. Here’s why we need to rethink the trajectory of our nation.

Is Bitcoin Back? When Fear Turns to Greed

Did you miss it? Bitcoin is starting to move again. As fear recedes in the market, the bulls are starting to nibble. Should you be paying attention to this?

‘New Zealand Property Always Goes Up’

Kiwis have been overly dependent on property investing for too long. Now the bubble is finally popping. Here’s what it’s really costing us, in real-time.

Vistafolio Review: February 2023 — Protect Your Money Now

Our portfolio remains positive despite a month of choppy trading. This is the ideal time for bargain-hunters to deploy their cash in a range of global opportunities.

Our Vanishing Chickens: What the Cluck Is Happening?

It’s a global mystery. Our chickens are suddenly going missing. Why is this happening? We investigate and uncover the truth behind this supply-chain disaster.