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Vistafolio Update: January’s Boom, +6.73%*

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. As the bull returns in 2023, we’ve experienced our best ever January result. Here’s the secret of our success.

Vistafolio Update: Defending Your Wealth in 2022

Despite the turbulent headlines, we managed to defy the odds in 2022. We successfully outperformed most investments. Here’s why our carefully curated strategy paid off.

Vistafolio Update: Your $8m Retirement Plan?

Look past the bear. We experienced another bullish streak in November, which has placed us in a very good position. Is it time for you to act?

Vistafolio Update: Stocks Come Roaring Back in October

Surprise, surprise. The markets have defied the naysayers, bouncing back with an exceptionally strong showing. Here’s why it’s time to be decisive.

Why I’m Upping My Investing Right Now: Vistafolio Update

September is historically the worst month for the stock market. But it’s time to look past the fear. Here’s why a golden opportunity is emerging.

Vistafolio Update: Bear Stalks Back in August

We’re seeing the return of pessimism. But there’s a silver lining: it’s giving us the opportunity to capture outstanding value. Here’s why we’re buying.

Vistafolio Update: Success in July

We’ve experienced a sharp, positive rebound in our composite portfolio this month. Here’s why our value-based strategy is paying off.

Vistafolio Update: June Was Jerky

We’ve experienced our biggest sell-off yet this month. The pain is real, but so is the opportunity. Here’s why long-term investors can benefit.

Vistafolio Update: Mad May

It’s been another jittery month, giving us a sharp drawdown. But is this a chance for courageous investors to buy great assets at a discount?

The Rise and Rise of Infratil [NZX:IFT] [ASX:IFT]

Are you looking for New Zealand’s most dynamic infrastructure company? Well, Infratil might just fit the bill. Here’s why.

NZX Picked Bare: Hermit Property Kingdom Falters

There’s no hiding it: New Zealand is looking like a wasteland for investors these days. But is it still possible to find value and growth?

Vistafolio Update: Embracing the Powder Keg in April

It’s been another volatile month. But our defensive, value-focused strategy is working. Here’s why we’re profitable and staying in the green.

Vistafolio Update: Overcoming Turbulence in March

We experienced our fair share of volatility in March. But our defensive strategy has successfully kept us ahead of other portfolios.

Vistafolio Update: Defying Putin in February

The Russian attack on Ukraine has stunned the world. But the market appears to have come to grips with this. What will happen next?

Vistafolio Update: Volatility and Opportunity in January

Volatility in 2022 could present an excellent opportunity to ‘buy the dips’. Here’s what we see coming on the horizon.