My son was annoyed with me the other day. Over his portfolio.

He’s 15. I’ve been investing his birthday and paper-round money since he was small.

His sister is 11. Same investment strategy for her, sans paper-round.

Good old-fashioned sibling rivalry was the source of the annoyance.

You see, his portfolio value is not too different from that of his sister’s. Why? He’s interested in aviation. And wanted me to invest in Auckland International Airport [NZX:AIA] some years back.

It has done well. Excluding dividends (which were paid before the pandemic), he’s up almost 45% since he started investing five years ago.

But his sister invested in another NZX company instead of the airport. She is up over 210% during this time.

Is this company one of the most attractive on the NZX?

Does it offer income and further potential growth?

Today, we’re reporting on its latest developments…

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