Live in Auckland or any other major city?

You buy a beautiful car. And it spends a good amount of time idling on choked roads.

But that’s the least of our problems. Choked roads add costs to everything; from construction of homes to delivery of food.

To make matters worse, the Left wish to make emissions the main part of the equation. Hence road construction for cars is to scale back, while they focus on cycleways and public transport.

For an economy to function, goods and people need to be able to move flexibly. While new highways do add emissions, the case ignores that carbon can be priced and absorbed. It also ignores the growing electrification of car fleets and the work being done on zero-emission fuels.

As investors, our opportunity is in finding profitable solutions that can fly above the political gridlock. I seek businesses that innovate with new technology to make the world more mobile and productive.

Trust me, productivity through technology will become more and more crucial. As so many countries age and face the cliff edge of demographic erosion, we have to solve problems with innovation.

Most economic growth occurs between the ages of 15-to-45. In this stage of life, people grow up, have families, and spend. As the baby boomers pass, this cohort is smaller. We can’t afford not to be moving.

So, in today’s article, we report on a Company that could get our cities moving like never before…

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