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  • There’s no hiding it: artificial intelligence is the first big tech craze of 2023.
  • Like sharks smelling blood in the water, speculative investors have gone into a feeding frenzy.
  • This year, one AI stock has already surged over 400%. What’s the future outlook for this Company? Are there more gains to come? Is this rally sustainable?
  • Ultimately, good long-term investing is about offense and defence. We aim to play both. We are now looking closely at several value stocks that could form the basis of a resilient, weatherproof portfolio. You’ll find this covered in our Weekly Top 5 Quantum Trends.



Growing up in Malaysia, I was captivated by one television show.

Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Arguably, it had the most well-rounded cast of sci-fi characters I had ever seen.


Source: IMDB


The crew of the USS Enterprise-D was the perfect mix of brain and brawn. They usually preferred to be diplomatic and talk things through — but when that didn’t work, they had no problem using their fists and phasers. Only as a last resort, of course.

What was the crew’s mission?

Well, chances are, you already know the legendary monologue:

‘To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilisations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!’

Captain Jean Luc-Picard was clearly the central character of the show. Stern. Philosophical. Decisive. He was the moral glue that held the crew together and kept them going.

But, in my opinion, it was Lt Commander Data — the android operations officer — who made the show truly fascinating to watch.

He was loyal. He was empathetic. He was inquisitive.

Yes, Data was an artificial intelligence — but he had emotions. He ached to be human. Remarkably enough, he even kept a pet cat named Spot.

I could see a quiet determination and dignity in Data’s personality.

He was always trying to improve. Always wanting to understand his place in society.

Truly, in him, you could find no better comrade. No better friend.


Source: TVLine


During the climax of Star Trek: Nemesis, Data sacrifices himself to save Picard from a catastrophic explosion.

It’s a noble and selfless act.

A grief-stricken Picard later pays tribute to Data:

‘In his quest to be more like us, he helped us to see what it means to be human. His wonder, his curiosity about every facet of human nature, allowed all of us to see the best parts of ourselves. He evolved, he embraced change, because he always wanted to be better than he was.’

How incredibly profound. So, obviously, Lt Commander Data has left quite an impression on me:

  • Most sci-fi stories are often driven by dark and apocalyptic narratives. You know the old cliché. Artificial intelligence making humanity obsolete. Enslaving us. Destroying us. It’s doom and gloom.
  • But Star Trek is different. It has a more optimistic vision of the future. It predicts a world where artificial intelligence will not only help us, but it can actually save us from ourselves. What a refreshingly contrarian view.

So, let’s fast-forward to the present. Our world. Our time. Right here, right now:

  • We’re seeing artificial intelligence go mainstream. The success of ChatGPT — a chatbot that uses conversational and naturalistic language — has stirred up intense controversy.
  • Supporters of AI say that this technology could automate repetitive tasks and boost the global economy. But critics warn that it could lead to the destruction of jobs, as well as unleash an existential threat against humanity.
  • Well, the jury is still out on how AI will evolve. No one has a crystal ball, exactly. But, at the moment, you can’t deny that investor interest is quickly gaining momentum.
  • Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]Google [NASDAQ:GOOGL], and Alibaba [HKG:9988] are some of the big names currently pouring billions into research and development. It’s an arms race.
  • Meanwhile, other lesser-known companies that occupy a niche in artificial intelligence are seeing a significant uplift as well.

In particular, I have been watching one AI stock that has surged over 400% in 2023:

  • This Company is relatively small in terms of market cap — which translates to high volatility when it comes to trading volume.
  • Speculative investors are chasing a potentially higher return here — but it also comes with a higher risk profile.
  • So I want to do a deep-dive investigation here. A full background check. What’s the future outlook for this Company? Are there more gains to come? Is this rally sustainable?
  • One thing is clear: the future is close at hand. Does it represent danger? Or does it represent opportunity? Perhaps both?
  • Now, more than ever, it’s critical that we investors figure out what the runway and the horizon ahead will look like…

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