Quantum Wealth Summary


  • Two businesses have grown their share prices over 100% and 900% by responding to the problems of the pandemic.
  • We explore whether their run is over — or whether there is more to come.
  • Covid has been horrendous and damaging to the economy and lives, but as in any adversity, there is opportunity in the response.



War, disaster, uncertainty, and viruses.

They’ve been with this fallen world since early human history. The sort of pandemic we saw begin in Wuhan last year — and spread throughout the world — had been predicted to come at some point.

But few could have foreseen the disruption. And extent of loss. Nor the way governments would attempt to insulate people from that loss with a resolution tool from the GFC: Quantitative Easing.

This tool has side effects. Property and equity markets pumped to the eyelids with cheap debt, and worried cash looking for a home. And levels of volatility in financial markets — swings both up and down — at levels I’ve not seen since the GFC.

As Wholesale Portfolio Managers, we are looking to manage the volatility, risk, and dangers while searching for upside.

After all, humanity’s enduring story is resilience and prevailing over crises with new technology — which creates opportunity.

On that, we’ve come to these conclusions and found these opportunities…