Quantum Wealth Summary


  • As uncertainty about the future heats up, some investors are looking for alternative assets to preserve and protect their wealth.
  • Gold has traditionally been used as a hedge against fear.
  • Is now the time to invest in gold?
  • We do a deep dive into 2 different companies offering exposure to gold.



Covid. Inflation. Uncertainty.

There’s an apocryphal Chinese curse that goes like this: ‘May you live in interesting times.’

Well, yes, indeed. We certainly live in interesting times — and this presents us with both risk and opportunity.

In my previous Quantum Wealth Report, I talked about the possibility of cryptocurrency being treated as ‘digital gold’. An alternative store of value — albeit a very volatile and speculative one.

Of course, some people have profited handsomely from crypto. But others have been less lucky, experiencing significant losses as well.

What’s the reason for this disparity?

Well, while crypto is cutting-edge and sexy, it does have a downside: if you happen to be old school and you’re not tech-savvy, then you might have trouble understanding how crypto works. And this amplifies the risk of speculating in it.

So, for this edition of Quantum Wealth, I figure it’s time to go back to basics. Take a look at a traditional asset class favoured by low-tech investors. Actual physical gold. The kind that glitters.

Now, as global anxiety starts to bite and escalate, we may see a renewed interest in gold investing. Possibly. Maybe.

If so, here are several points worth considering:

  • Is gold a credible asset?
  • Is gold worth holding?
  • Is gold an effective hedge against fear and uncertainty?

To answer these questions, we need to examine what history has to teach us…