When people think of property investing their minds tend to go to large, residential homes that can be bought cheap, renovated, and then flipped. However, there is a wealth of potential property investments beyond this, many of which can make you a great deal of money. Read on to find out what they are in this post below. 


Skinny homes


Skinny homes, also known as Infill homes are a wonderful form of property investment because they allow you to build a new residence in an already popular and built-up area. Of course, this is great news for investors because the location is the number one thing that any renter or buyer will look for. 

Additionally, skinny homes are designed to fit into small, or awkward plots, thereby making use of all available space. Indeed, some investors find that while there may not be a full plot available a current resident may be only too happy to sell off a part of their garden for such a home. Something that means you can create a valuable investment opportunity in an area that would otherwise be a no-go. 




There are a whole host of different commercial real estate options to consider. However, not many people think of prisons or the ground that they are built on as a viable choice. Of course, this is not always the case, because in some locations where the prison system is privatized you can make decent money. 


However, as they tend to be expensive to build because of all the additional security measures, investing in a prison complex may be best suited to groups of people rather than a single investor. Be sure to check that everything is built to regulations too, as you could be liable if something goes wrong and it is established to be your fault. 





Car parks can be a very lucrative form of property investment. This is because they can generate a vast amount of revenue every day. Also, costs to build multi-story car parking structures tend to be fairly low, because there are few bells and whistles aside from the concrete structure itself to worry about. 

However, the major costs when it comes to investing in car parks are the land that they will build in. This is because it will be prime real estate, usually in a high-value urban area, something that means it is in demand from other bidders. Yet, even with the cost of the land involved over the long term a car park can prove a profitable investment. 


CBD farms 


Right now CBD is big business, and it’s legal in many locations across the world. Of course, what this means is that people will need to be able to grow and process this product, and to do this they will need farm space, as well as capital to get set up. 

OK, so putting money in a CBD farm may not be the usual approach to property investing, but with such a large profit margin, it could be profitable.


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