Quantum Wealth Summary


  • In this edition, we look at our Top 3 value stocks for post-Covid economic recovery.
  • We look at which market might offer the best value and could offer the best profits.
  • We consider the resumption of dividends and how you can grow decent passive income.
  • 2 opportunities are considered that currently show assets with a 50%+ discount evident in the share price.
  • Markets are high, but certain ‘rebound stocks’ pummelled by the pandemic could still unearth remarkable value.



Sometimes, I’d travel for work between Jersey and London.

I recall sitting in an A320 on the runway at Gatwick. It was 5pm. Every seat was full. Grumpy commuters, waiting to get home for dinner.

Then an announcement from the pilot: ‘Sorry, folks. We’ve got some traffic getting out of London this evening. We’re looking at a 30 to 40-minute delay tonight…

You could feel the wave of irritation sweep the cabin. An all-too-familiar delay at this time.

I looked out the window. Traffic jam, indeed. I could see five planes ahead of us, waiting to get on the runway.


Gatwick queue. Source: Bloomberg/Getty.


In a country approaching 70 million, linked to surrounding dependencies and finance centres like Jersey, there is a congestion that pervades everyday life.

A New Zealander, I found myself reflecting on this. There are advantages living in a ‘big’ country, of course. But not when it comes to day-to-day quality of life.

Still, the success of a country and its economy comes down to delivering goods and services to as many people as possible. Taking its labour and resources to create growth and profits.

It’s time like never before to look for some value gems. And seek diversification. In a moment, I’ll share with you my Top 3 recovery value picks…