Quantum Wealth Summary


  • A well-known finance author has predicted we’re ‘heading for the biggest crash in world history’.
  • Shares, property, gold, and Bitcoin could all plunge from today’s inflated levels.
  • We look at the evidence and a couple of defensive ideas that could protect investors from such Armageddon.
  • We identify 1 stable opportunity that could provide both capital preservation and yield when the ride gets bumpy.



Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki was a groundbreaking finance book. And a great story.

It put a timely principle into a simple parable. That capital, when invested well, is the answer to building long-term wealth.


Some companies ‘keep the lights on’ during tough times and market meltdowns. We explore a defensive opportunity in today’s Quantum Wealth Report.


In recent times, Kiyosaki has taken to making wider and wilder predictions on the financial markets. Since these markets are complex and susceptible to unforeseen and random events, this is a dicey game.

Some pundits will call things right. Most will be lucky or unlucky with their predictions. But even a broken clock is correct twice a day. And forecasters have little to lose and much to gain from ‘click bait’ headlines.

So I was bemused to read Kiyosaki’s latest fear-laced promise of financial doomsday this October!

Has Rich Dad become Bad Dad? And should investors be petrified?

Here’s what he’s suggesting:

  • Shares, property, gold, and Bitcoin could all plunge from today’s inflated levels.
  • China’s Evergrande Group cannot pay. Valuation of properties fake. Will real estate crash spread to US? Yes.
  • The implosion could happen this month. October is crash month. It saw the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and Black Monday 1987.


Should we be scared of Rich Dad’s prophecy?


He’s been predicting financial calamity based on demographics for some time now.

In fact, he had a book out in 2013 with that exact title. Predicting ‘the world’s biggest stock market crash’ and how ‘you can prepare yourself for it.

His premise is that when baby boomers — the largest and richest generation ever — retire en masse, they will liquidate assets to retire and pay for care. In doing so, they’ll decimate markets.

Last week, I prepared some extensive research on the real risks of the Demographic Cliff. Premium subscribers will have this on their email. It is also available immediately upon subscription here.

We find any drawdown from generational shifts could create more opportunities than dangers.

So we outlined some of these last week, and we’re revealing more critical points here again…