The one certainty in life is change.

Having been an entrepreneur and investor for more than 30 years, I should know that. But change still hits me with the fears and worries it likely does everyone else.

A major change this year has been the move from a market with value galore, to a high market pumped up on stimulus cash and recovery hopes.

We’ve gone from picking up money lying on the ground to having to reach deep behind the couch to find it!

What I know about this change is that it requires a whole different mindset. Sure, you’re still looking out for value. But you need smarts beyond financial analysis. You need to be focusing on not where the ball may sit now, but where it is going. You need to stay ahead of the curve.

As I mentioned last week, that’s why we’re making some key changes to this publication. We want you to stay ahead of the curve. And our research efforts need to double down to achieve this.

From next week, 6th October, 2021, Lifetime Wealth Investor is transitioning to Quantum Wealth Report.


We’ll be adding more research and more value.

Instead of focusing on individual stock recommendations — where there is less immediate value evident in this market — we’ll be going further.

We’ll be providing you the premium news and research on the key trends that are creating new opportunities for faster growth and rising income.

Of course, we will still be looking at leading companies and industries and the potential they present. But we are looking to expand our remit to cover a much greater range of opportunity.

You will still get your premium email every Wednesday with this confidential research. And you will notice an expansion of our coverage.

I have added some FAQ on this new research at the end of today’s letter.

Meanwhile, I’d like to look back on our success with Lifetime Wealth.

In particular, I’d like to examine some of our greatest hits and whether our theses on them still apply at higher prices…