Homeownership and real estate investment have always been a way to ensure that you have a secure asset base and portfolio. The impact of the pandemic in everyone’s lives has made room for drastic changes which had not been the first time that downturns had been seen. Every decision has to be made carefully to ensure that you minimize risks as much as possible. This brings maximized profits so that you can see a return on your investment. Real estate impact investments are a way to not only bring in maximized profits but also approach investments differently. It is understood that this sector of investments influences change within the communities that you buy real estate in. A social and green impact can be seen as you follow the best practices to ensure that there are lasting moral values that help mobilize and solve the housing crises while being transparent and measurable. 


Real estate investment attorney


A real estate investment attorney such as Reena Patel Sanders can help you navigate issues that can have a huge impact especially when there are investment property disputes. Impact investments do not cut on your financial returns as you can meet your quotas when you cautiously deploy what is required especially during times of financial distress and recovery. Your real estate investment attorney would advise you where needed but it is important to ask the right questions. They should be an expert in the local community laws, have the qualifications and experience in what you need them for, and should have worked with other investors.  



Sustainable real estate


Impact investments ensure that your portfolio is filled with projects that have strong environmentally sustainable pillars. The strategies that are employed ensure that the carbon emissions that a property emits are lowered because of the implementation of energy efficiency and clean energy. According to PWC, there have been decarbonization strong initiatives to improve climate change within real estate in the past two years. Likewise, with the rise in new regulations within certain parts of the world, it has become a crucial point to consider when looking at your portfolio. Many have made it a point to likewise check that there is compliance before they consider green lending to ensure that they capitalize in a secure pipeline when looking at the long-term financial goals.        


Streamlined measurement 


The measurement of both your financial metrics and what impacts have been progressively made is how you create transparency. The trust is inevitably built over the long term as the social and environmental double bottom line investments are seen. This can take a couple of years because monitoring philanthropic opportunities can take some time. The development of affordable housing would be measured through set indicators that would have been laid out in positive impact investment objectives. The measurement of the financial metrics allows you to monitor the sustainable returns and ensure that they are not below market. The returns may not be the same as market-rate investments but many investors have seen financial value in impact investments.           


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