As you know, the world has changed a lot during the past few months. It’s made everything uncertain and that has brought everything we would normally take for granted into question. One of the things we now approach with trepidation is the selling of our homes. If you are wanting to sell your home then maybe you should consider if now is the right time. It’s crucial that you don’t sell your home out of force. If you ever feel rushed, then follow your gut feeling and stop. If you feel that you can take advantage of the current situation, then go for it. Which is best for you?


Housing prices


In some countries, housing prices have doubled. Is this right? Well, some experts say that it is and it’s nothing to fear. Major economies are seeing more people wanting to leave the cities where a lot of the pandemic deaths have occurred. This has caused the home prices in Wisconsin to double in just one year. This could mean that the buyer’s market is saturated, or it could mean that the seller’s market is scarce. If both are true, then this is not a short-term thing. Housing prices that rise out of economic trouble, will always settle back down again. However, if they rise due to demand, they could be a long-term trend that proves vital for sellers.



How do you know?


The question is, should you and if so, when? Speak with a flat fee Realtor who can give you an insight into the local neighborhood. Their local expertise and expert pricing guidance are going to increase the chance of finding the right buyer. They also have a hands-on approach when it comes to marketing, viewings, pricing estimation, and planning options for the buyer. This also increases the ability to spread the house far and wide, among people who are more likely to purchase the home and potentially help to boost your price with enough attention. Crucially, they will also let you know when is the right time to sell your home. 


Bad signs?


If everyone is selling the home in your local neighborhood, this could be a bad sign. It’s of course right to pounce on a trend but if everyone is doing it, it could end up hurting your house price. If there are 5 similar properties in your neighborhood that are all selling at the same time, you will need to set competitive pricing to have a higher chance of a sale than them. This starts a race to the bottom, so consider holding off until the end of the trend curve. Another bad sign is, when too many foreign investors are buying up the properties in the area. Homes are a wealth-protecting investment, and they are usually bought for as low as possible. Don’t give into this if an anonymous buyer wants your home.

It seems like now may be the right time to sell if your neighborhood isn’t selling many homes and home prices are genuinely rising. It’s always right to have doubts but work with an expert for better guidance.


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