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From our office in Auckland, overlooking the harbour, it feels as though there has been no pandemic. Life is back to normal. The restaurants are full. And friends in the property business tell me there’s a queue of returning New Zealanders looking for homes.

Yet things are still shaky as post-lockdown unemployment grows and our international travel industry is nearly dead. Elimination of the virus is wonderful. But it comes with great risk, since none of us have immunity. Fortunately, we do have plenty to export and enough food to feed 50 million in a country of just 5 million.

Our farmers have saved the day again. The same research used to mitigate livestock diseases such as Mycoplasma bovis in cows may have helped direct a winning strategy on COVID-19 elimination.

In this investment strategy, we are invested globally. That is the only way to give true diversification. And access the widest range of investor opportunities. From real estate, to pharmaceuticals, to infrastructure and mining.

And markets like the US, Europe, and Australia have been hit much more by coronavirus. The spread seems beyond control. People must learn to live with the virus.

It has been a rough ride in many of these markets the past few months.

Even in defensive, real-estate supported sectors, there has been heavy drawdown as investors fear the worst.

Things are starting to turn. There is still value. But each month, we’re starting to see steady recovery in prices. And I have optimism a vaccine will be ready soon. Which is why we’re investing in a preferred business running that race.

This month, we are up 0.91% gross for the month across the composite portfolio (total aggregate, weighted return across all significant portfolios following the strategy).

Please see our performance chart for more details.


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There remains good buying opportunity across our targets. USD is quite soft. Although the outlook for equities remains uncertain as new lockdowns pose renewed risk. On balance, this could be a great time to invest for the long-run.



Simon Angelo

Editor, Wealth Morning 

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