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The coronavirus market correction has been the sharpest and most vicious I’ve seen since the GFC. It threatens company earnings, especially businesses reliant on China — like travel, tourism, and food.

We visited an Angus beef farm over the weekend. The farmer described the perfect storm facing him. Drought conditions. The slaughterhouses no longer wanting animals since exports to China slowed up fast.

This is how earnings get impacted. And fear pulls down company share prices.

But the fear seems worse than the reality. The common flu kills far more people. And the green shoots of a buying bounceback are starting to show. Although we could be in for a long haul, given the delayed earnings impact.

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Some rare value is evident. But we don‘t yet know if this correction has reached the bottom or whether it is descending into a wider, fearful crash. I suspect the brave will profit in the long-run. And the rich, as they usually do.

Over the composite managed-accounts portfolio, February 2020 saw the worst drawdown since recording performance in 2014. Down -7.70% gross for the month across the composite portfolio (total aggregate, weighted return across all significant portfolios following the strategy).

Please see our performance chart for more details.

But this is the nature of financial markets. Occasionally we have burn-offs. This one, like the Australian bush fires, is widespread and aggressive. In time, the burn-off leaves a wake of fertile conditions for regeneration.

As Warren Buffett has noted — if you‘re in the market for the long haul, this is a time to wait and see. And maybe what he‘s not revealing is that he may be nibbling into some buys with his mountain of cash.


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Simon Angelo


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