Years ago, someone gave me an accurate piece of advice. And quite powerful.

If you want to build an enduring bond with someone — talk with them about their wealth, health or children.

For over the past year, here at Money Morning, we’ve been focusing on investing your money. Doing our own independent research and peeling back the layers the mainstream financial media tend to skip over. Or miss altogether.

I hope you’ve enjoyed not only some good ideas — but some lasting ways of thinking and approaching money that could improve your wealth.

Over the next few weeks, Money Morning New Zealand is expanding our focus.

Not just money. But the wider question of wealth. How to manage it. Grow it. Protect it.

And the most prescient trends in the world today that create opportunity. Or risk crisis.

So you’re going to be seeing some changes.

First, we’ve developed a sparkling new brand. We’re moving to a new masthead — Wealth Morning.

Not just money — wealth. Urgent and useful ideas you can think about and put into practice right away.

Second, you’re going to see more of a global focus.

Increasingly, we’re seeing the most potential to build wealth in global markets. Beyond New Zealand. And Australia.

From global stocks to precious metals, to forex and cryptocurrency — we’re going to look wider. But that’s not to say we won’t be monitoring the NZX, local property market or financial manoeuvres of our government along the way!

There’s a big world out there. And plenty of wealth. The job of my team is to help you understand where the points of opportunity and crisis may lie.

Third, we’re announcing a new newsletter – Lifetime Wealth Investor

Here we focus on defensive stocks, dividend stocks and global growth opportunities to prevail in changing market conditions.  And we show you how to access these, step by step.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Thanks once again for being on board. Since launching just over a year ago, we’ve become one of the largest financial and investment publishers in this country.

But the best is yet to come.


Simon Angelo

Editor, Money Morning New Zealand­­­­

PS: If you have any suggestions or areas you’d like us to cover over the coming months, please reach out on [email protected]