The a2 Milk Company Ltd’s stock value has soared by over 3% today.

The company exclusively owns and licences intellectual property for the production of a2 dairy products, which has proven wildly popular with Chinese consumers.

a2 has a strong presence on both the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges. At the time of writing, the company has a market capitalisation of $13.061 billion and the share price sits at $17.77.

Why has [NZX:ATM] share price increased today?

Market sentiment has been buoyed by favourable reports on a2 Milk’s future.

In particular, anticipation is building for a2 Milk’s annual report in August, which financial analysts believe will show strong bullish growth for the company.

In addition, a new scientific report has been released, highlighting the health benefits of replacing conventional milk with a2 Milk for Chinese children. This has provided much-needed positive publicity.

Where could a2 Milk go from here?

The outlook for [NZX:ATM] are positive for the immediate future. However, certain export-driven risk factors still remain. A clearer picture should emerge in the weeks and months ahead.


John Ling,
Contributor, Money Morning New Zealand