Perhaps you’ve heard of the English family that’s managed to tick off our entire nation. Within days of arriving, a petition’s been launched to have them deported.

Even Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff, weighed in…calling them ‘a***holes’ and ‘trash’.

Previously misidentified as Irish, the unruly travellers have quickly made a name for themselves by allegedly scamming restaurants, abusing locals, dumping trash on Takapuna Beach, and breaking various traffic laws.

And according to some reports, the wild behaviour began even before they reached our shores…with an unlucky passenger on their flight to Auckland from Hong Kong stating that they caused boarding delays, left dirty diapers in the plane, and constantly violated his personal space.

Now, at the moment, there are heaps of rumours flying about…calling the family gypsies, claiming that they scammed folks over in Australia, and that they’re Irish.

Well, in an exclusive interview with the NZ Herald, one of the family specifically denied each of those claims, saying (Emphasis is mine):

We did leave a mess and they’re saying we’re gypsies, we’re not gypsies. We’re English citizens and we were attacked on that beach, we left and they videoed the mess and then put it on Facebook, you see what I mean? People are trying to say we were in Australia, we were never in Australia. We come here for a holiday. We are not gypsies, we are not Irish.

I’m no one famous. I’m just a fat kid from England on holiday. So when people are running up with their cameras and photo shoots and trying to ask questions, it very frightened me … I felt very intimidated. What I’m baffled about is a bit of rubbish which realistically should never have happened.

We’re here to see the Hobbits … I’ve been looking at the Hobbits my whole life, since I’m born, that was originally what our plans was but it’s all been f***** up now … I feel very unwelcome here. I feel like an alien invader, I don’t feel happy and I’m far from Irish.

And my favourite line from the interview was the man claiming that his grandfather was actually the ‘10th richest man in England’…which according to the Telegraph is the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor. And oddly, I haven’t seen anything from the 27-year-old Duke about his unruly ‘grandson’…

He also continued to claim that the original incident on Takapuna Beach was started by abusive people throwing things at them and telling them to ‘go back to Ireland.

Frankly, this whole story is pretty hard to believe…and with the rumour mill humming at maximum capacity, it’s hard to tell what’s true.

What we do know is that this small family has left a trail of angry Kiwis everywhere they’ve gone for the past week…and have managed to get themselves deported.

That’s right — Immigration NZ has issued the family with deportation notices.

Now they’ve got about a month to appeal…or else the state puts them on a plane back to England.

As one of our team realised, maybe that was their plan all along…to get a free flight home.

But the family has denied that too, claiming that they planned to fly home on their own dime.

Here’s the thing…you’ve got to be pretty naughty to get yourself deported after a week of being somewhere. It’s almost impressive how quickly they’ve achieved it. Not to mention that nearly every Kiwi in NZ knows who they are…and (probably) wants them to leave too.

So how does a family manage to garner so much hate in such a short amount of time? [openx slug=inpost]


Step #1: Have no respect for others

It starts with a having a world view that devalues personal space and property. Delay the plane even though it inconveniences 100 other passengers. Leave rubbish on the beach even though it ruins the area for other beachgoers. Steal food from restaurants even though it could affect the careers of those working.


Step #2: Be rude and abusive

Top off your lack of respect with a dose of verbal abuse. Call people names. Threaten them. Assault them if you want. Remember, you’re trying to build up animosity with strangers. There’s no better way than bad-mouthing them.

Step #3: Take no responsibility for your actions

This one is key. When you’ve crossed the line, or simply done something you shouldn’t have, do NOT take responsibility for your actions or your children’s actions. You’ve got two reactions: fight or flight. Personally, I’d recommend a bit of both. Throw out an insult or two, followed by a good shove, then run away. That’s the best way to achieve this step.

Give this strategy a couple of days, and you’ll be well on your way to a deportation notice in no time.

Now, how does this tie into the world of money you might ask?

I’d suggest the story of this family can be overlaid upon the stories of the world’s most hated companies.

When it’s revealed that companies made poor ethical decisions…or mistreated employees…or abused customers…the public often comes together against these companies.

And it then reflects in the stock price…

Look at Equifax after they lost the data of 145 million clients.

Or Facebook after Cambridge Analytica.

Or Apple after it was revealed that they planned for their phones to fail after two years.

In each of these cases, the market didn’t like what the companies did…and ‘punished’ the bad behaviour by selling stocks.

Personally, I believe that’s one of the most beautiful mechanisms of capitalism — that we, the investors, have a say in how companies act.

And in New Zealand, that same mechanism worked to show that Kiwis expect a certain standard from people…and that if you don’t act appropriately, you’ll be asked to leave.

What do you think?

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Taylor Kee
Editor, Money Morning New Zealand