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Russian Enigma: Is This Putin’s Ace Card?

The world frets about Putin’s intentions for Ukraine. But should investors be more mindful of the unspoken cultural forces at work?

The Real Genius of Trump

The markets seemed to hold their breath…still, like dead leaves before a hurricane. The Dow barely moved yesterday. Jim Cramer, of TV’s Mad Money, says we’re waiting to see if the EU ‘caves’ in on Donald Trump’s trade war. Then, he

Was the White House Wrong About Everything?

The Trump administration previously said that its budget deficit would be $526 billion. Unfortunately we now know it will be twice that much — over $1 trillion.

Our Newest ‘Fixer-Upper’

As members of the Deep State continue to rage against Donald Trump’s perceived misdeeds, let’s not forget the wealth being extracted from Main Street.

Deep State Turns on Trump

Has Trump really gone to war with the Deep State? Or is this just another episode in Mr Trump’s reality TV show? Take a guess.

Donald Trump: Traitor?

Donald Trump spoke — or misspoke — about his feelings concerning the Russian bogeyman. Predictably enough, the Deep State is up in arms about it.