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Federal Reserve Sinks Into Funny-Money ‘Normalcy’

The Federal Reserve knows that the fake boom depends on more and more fake money. It’s a reckless addiction, and here’s why it won’t stop.

The Federal Government’s ‘Quick-Fix’ Money Policies Hurt the Market

Amidst all the news about the Middle East and the British royals, we almost missed something important. The Fed has added billions of dollars more in debt.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Alan Greenspan is a name you will surely recognise. His tenure at the Federal Reserve saw the rise of easy-money policies. Here are the consequences.

The U.S. Money Trail Leads to the Dark Death Ship of Debt

All you have to do is follow the money, and you’ll start to see what’s wrong with America today. Fake trade deals. Escalating debt. Bad promises.

Negative Interest Rates Don’t Increase Overall Wealth

As interest rates drop, borrowing increases. It becomes easier and easier to get into debt. But is this addiction a healthy one?

How the Government Tries to Control Economic Woes

It’s a controversial question: can the government do enough to influence the economy? If history is any indication, they often get it wrong.

Printing More Money Could Lead to Financial Calamity

Need to fund more government spending? The easiest way is to increase debt by printing more money. But is this a recipe for disaster?

How Long Before SoftBank Blows Up Too?

In the news is word that Mr Neumann has been let go. The poor man is on his own, after SoftBank took control of his company.

The Fed Is Back to Robbing the Middle Class to Reward the Rich

The Fed is injecting money into the system as part of its ‘reserve management’ programme; it began this week with $7.5 billion.

Trump Encourages Spending Ahead of Next Election

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is for the Fed to enable the boneheads in the White House and Congress to spend more money

Monetary Policy Won’t Preserve Economic Expansion

In, 2009-2019, debt rose even more. Worldwide, it more than doubled, growing five times faster than GDP.

‘Free’ Money Destroys the US Financial System

Our beat is money. And in today’s money world, truth is rare; beauty can be found only in irony and mockery.

Inverted Yield Curve Signals Coming Recession

When the economy is healthy and growing, people buy stocks and the index generally goes up. These inverted yield signs signal an oncoming recession.

The Fed Should Let the Market Set Rates

Faced with the next crisis, the monkeys at central banks are going to do what everyone expects them to do. The feds should let the market rates be set.

Why Negative Interest Rates Don’t Stimulate the Economy

It was in the early 1970s that the idea of ‘stimulating’ an economy began to take hold, first among progressives.