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America’s Economy: A Downward Spiral with No Solution in Sight

It’s finally happened: the United States and China have agreed to a ceasefire in the trade war. But is this arrangement really as good as it looks?

Bruised and Bleeding: Why America and China Are Refusing to Surrender

Today’s trade war between America and China is nothing new. It’s just the latest in a history of diplomatic knife fights and power plays.

Negative Interest Rates Don’t Increase Overall Wealth

As interest rates drop, borrowing increases. It becomes easier and easier to get into debt. But is this addiction a healthy one?

Trump Grows International Trade War

Donald Trump has done the unthinkable. He’s expanded the trade war way beyond its original mission. Why is this happening now?

How to Invest When You’re Caught in the Crossfire

The ramping up of Trump’s trade war with China is leading to a ‘global slowdown’.

Obama’s Film Sheds New Light on Trade War

Obama releases a documentary called American factory. A Chinese billionaire opens a new Fuyao glass factory in an old General Motors plant in Dayton, Ohio.

Trump Needs the Trade War to Maintain the Illusion of a Strong Economy

When we had kings and queens, a monarch justified his power by claiming a divine right given to him by God.

Biggest Threat to Your Wealth: The Global Slowdown

The global slowdown puts Countries like Australia and New Zealand are in a very risky position. For years, China has been the major export partner.

The President Will Do Whatever It Takes to Get the Fed to Further Cut Rates

Will all this spending, inflating, and rate-cutting really make the economy healthier? Of course not.

Inflation Has Eroded the US and Chinese Economies

Like a powerful drug, the phony money corrodes and disfigures your economy. Your teeth rot; your brain shrivels.

Why We’re Raising Our ‘Crash Alert’ Flag

So far, the big, fat, ugly Dow has sat on the wall and refused to tumble. But last week, Donald J Trump gave it a shove.

The Trade War Stock That’s Surging

Trump is perhaps right pulling up China on years of predatory trade practices. Yet one area where things could unhinge comes in the form of China’s threat to curtail rare-earth exports.

Our Crash Alert Flag Is Still Flying

Naturally, the foreigners are learning not to trust US suppliers…and are looking for essential inputs elsewhere. Win-lose again…with little chance that the US will be a winner.

Hedge Funds No Longer on Trump’s Side

China wants a deal, Trump can smell it! It’s why they’re printing yuan in the billions and pushing it out into the system.

The Only Real Way to ‘Fix’ Capitalism

Capitalists are conscious. They always try to get the outcomes they want…and they don’t mind cheating — when they can get away with it.