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Trump and AOC Actually Agree on Something…

The Fed put in $3.6 trillion of fake new money. And the federal government ran some $11 trillion in deficits. Result: The greatest stimulus of all time produced the weakest recovery on record.

What the French Could Teach AOC…

Proponents typically look to Europe for guidance. They see Denmark, Sweden, and Norway and believe ‘soft socialism’ isn’t so bad.

How the Feds Socialised American Capitalism

Already, America’s medical system — 17% of the economy — is largely socialised. So is the education system — another 7.3%. And don’t forget Social Security.

How the Middle Class Was Doubly Cheated

Policy proposals by Republicans and Democrats set off intense political firestorms — setting ‘us against them’ — but they leave the real distribution of power and wealth untouched.

‘Us Versus Them’ Is Always a Scam

Why would taxes on the rich suddenly be so popular? Easy…the middle classes think they’ve been cheated. Many thought Donald J Trump would set things right. Now they look to the tax code.

America: 52nd in Freedom

Tax revenues, deficits, negative interest rates — it all goes to the same place: wherever the Deep State deciders want it to go.

On the Front Lines in Nicaragua

Nicaragua, like Venezuela, is in the middle of a power struggle. The proximate cause is a tax increase. But the trouble runs much deeper…

Yellow Vests Tell Macron Where to Stick His Taxes

According to the OCED, the French are some of the most taxed people in the world. Now add more taxes to that — which the poor can ill afford — and you get mayhem.

12 December: D-Day for Landlords

Very rarely do you find a situation where one person orders a service and someone else is bound to pay it. With letting fees, that’s the unfortunate case.

An Investor’s Nightmare: How Capital Gains Jeopardises Your Wealth

Could it be time to return to the good old days? Should we start paying heaps more taxes to pay for politicians like Sir Michael to ‘guide’ our lives?

What Does Hollywood and the Beehive Have in Common?

You probably see these plot lines in movies all the time…and they rarely happen in real life. But occasionally they do…

New Zealand’s Old People Dilemma

The pension system has a fatal flaw. Like a tiny crack in a dam, this flaw will worsen and worsen until it all breaks loose.