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CGT: No Left or Right About It

If I can’t take the heat, maybe I should get out of the kitchen…But, before I do, please give me a chance to explain my position.

She’s Not Serious…Is She?

One smart cookie believes we should keep interest rates at zero. But how can we do that and not have crippling runaway inflation?

You Pay a Hefty Price for Central Bankers’ Folly

How much do you think central bankers make? Go on, give me your best guess? Most of these people are rich before they ever enter the role.

Remove the Government — Was This Anarchist Right?

I once heard an excellent argument by an anarchist. This anarchist bravely took the podium and posed a challenge to the audience…

Brace Yourself: Auckland’s New Bed Tax Is Now in Effect

Recently, thousands of AirBnB hosts in Auckland received a bill for Auckland Council’s new bed tax. Many were shocked to find out that they owed thousands and thousands of dollars.