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Low Interest Rates: Opportunity or Risk Bonfire?

Interest rates are hitting record lows. That means it’s never been cheaper to borrow. But beware: debt is a double-edged sword.

Is Your Fear Leaving Millions on the Table?

While the market indexes were scathed in 2008–9, certain companies bucked the trend. Investors bought them at good value. They had nothing to fear from an ‘impending correction.’

How to Up Your Income Flow

Some stocks just do not grab the imagination. There is no exciting China strategy to unfold. No game-changing piece of technology. But sometimes these stocks are not as dull as they might seem.

Buying Stocks Is Not Enough…

Last week, a group of globalists had talks behind closed doors. In their hands is the concentrated power to create money, disturb financial markets and ruin household wealth.

Where Should You Look When Stock Prices Fall Lower?

Stocks are down, again. You know that. But it’s not just stocks. Bond yields are on their way down too. It may have something to do with trade tensions.

Stay Away from the Newest ‘Must Have’ Stock

Lotteries are crappy investments. I think everyone will agree with that. But does that stop millions of people from buying tickets every week? The same could be said about stocks.

Are Banking Sector Stocks Really a Safe Bet?

Many people think banking sector stocks are a safe bet because they pay strong dividends. But storm clouds have been gathering for some time now.

How to Invest During a Financial Crisis

Let’s consider a crisis is imminent. In such a scenario, US stocks would likely fall…a lot. Stocks globally would be hit. Question is, could you shelter yourself from such carnage?

A2 Milk: Cash Cow or Spoilt Milk?

A brand-new CEO steps into her new job, takes one look at the books and sells everything — $4.3 million?That certainly makes me sweat a little…

The Best Way to Pick Stocks

Today, asset managers are changing how they look at stock. It’s not necessarily a method I agree with. Yet it seems it’s what the industry wants.

Three Aviation Stocks About to Take Off

Today, we’ll take a look at several stocks in the aviation industry that could take off in the next few years.

How Not to Invest

There’s a very powerful, yet simple idea Charlie Munger likes to practice: inversion. So maybe rather than asking, how should I invest? You should be asking, how should I not invest?

Apple: The World’s First 13 Digit Company

The biggest company in the world just scraped the $1 trillion ceiling — the first in the world to hit 13 figures.

How to Cope When the Tech Bubble Bursts

Disruption, innovation, earnings growth. It’s why so many investors jumped into the FAANGs and BATs with full gusto. But have we taken things a little too far?

Mediocrity is the Only Constant. What Does that Mean For You?

Nothing can last forever. As a rule of thumb, competition usually tries to break into high returning industries. And over time, due to competition, superior returns will turn into mediocre returns.