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All That Glitters: Why Gold Is Your Best Bet

If I asked you what gold is used for, you’d probably say jewellery, right? Well, you’d be half right. Gold has lots of other uses.

What New Zealand Can Learn from the Venezuela Housing Crisis

Once upon a time, in a beautiful country…there was a shortage of homes. In stepped a benevolent authority figure. He reckoned he could sort this mess out. Here’s that country today…

What Will Your Future Phone Look Like?

When an expert on mobile tech predicts a big shake-up, we listen. Because a change in mobile likely affects more people than a change in any other tech sector.

Phil Twyford’s KiwiBuild Fails to Deliver

KiwiBuild has started to roll. What many believed would be the silver bullet to New Zealand’s housing crisis has been disappointing.

Twyford’s Master Plan: How to Bury $2.9 Billion and Get Away with It

Labour is promising 6,400 new state homes. And a project like that requires big monies — Housing Minister Phil Twyford called for NZ$2.9 billion.