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My Answers to Your Most Urgent Questions

I’ve been thoroughly entertained and enlightened by the personal emails you’ve sent me…Today, we’ll highlight a few of my favourites…

Bye-Bye, Letting Fees — A Win-Win for Landlords and Renters

Landlords will pass on the cost of letting to tenants via rent…or via some other fee. But a significant change has been made…one that throws a wrench in this argument.

12 December: D-Day for Landlords

Very rarely do you find a situation where one person orders a service and someone else is bound to pay it. With letting fees, that’s the unfortunate case.

Saving the Kiwi Dream: A Promising Change in the Housing Market

Forget bonds or letting fees…Forget appeasing your landlord…These guys want you to be a happy customer…and to stay with them for as long as possible.