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When Aussie Homeowners Sneeze, Kiwis Catch a Cold

In our offices or workplaces, everyone starts catching something. We dread the moment, but we know that we’ll inevitably get sick too. In housing, we’re seeing our peers starting to look a bit green.

All That Glitters: Why Gold Is Your Best Bet

If I asked you what gold is used for, you’d probably say jewellery, right? Well, you’d be half right. Gold has lots of other uses.

Dodgy Peru Gold Mine Connected with NZ Insurance Company

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, a potential money-laundering scheme and an unusual gold mine in Peru. Lots of juicy details regarding the recent liquidation of insurance company CBL.

What Will Your Future Phone Look Like?

When an expert on mobile tech predicts a big shake-up, we listen. Because a change in mobile likely affects more people than a change in any other tech sector.

Phil Twyford’s KiwiBuild Fails to Deliver

KiwiBuild has started to roll. What many believed would be the silver bullet to New Zealand’s housing crisis has been disappointing.

Here’s How You Can Get a $640,000 House for Under $50k

ASB announced that it will be offering loans for KiwiBuild buyers for a down deposit of just 5%. For savvy investors, this could be a good opportunity.

The S-Word: How Today’s Proletariat Could Find Justice

The modern villain isn’t the bayonet-clad commie; it’s the rich fat cat on Wall Street. It’s old money. It’s the one percent.

Homeowner Beware! New Zealand’s Achilles’ Heel Revealed…

The Auckland property market of the past was radically different from the one we have right now. But what does the future look like?

KiwiBuild: The Impossible Housing Solution

The much-anticipated KiwiBuild scheme has finally launched. Will this be the end-all cure to New Zealand’s housing crisis? I doubt it.