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The Writers of Star Trek May Have Unveiled Your Future

In the world of Star Trek, humanity has experienced a renaissance like no other. They have developed replicator technology that has eliminated the issue of scarcity.

Fed up With Rules? Does Libertarianism Work?

Have you ever fantasised about creating your own libertarian society? Living solely by your own rules? Well, here’s how it might look like.

What’s Your Perception of the Markets?

The truth is there are a number of things happening in the world now to be worried about. But you can’t let it get you too down. What’s easy to forget is the wonderful opportunities that still exist for people.

Smash Your Piggy Bank: Is More Spending the Way to Riches?

Inequality is the problem…and government is the solution. In his article for the Herald, Bernstein drives that mantra home…

This Economic Slowdown Is Setting Off Alarm Bells

It took them months to admit what was already obvious to most of the population. That is, that the economic ‘slowdown’ was in fact a full-blown crisis.

A Storm’s Coming: A Grim Economic Warning from The World Bank

As the skies darken and the outlook grows dim, will we be armed and ready? Or will we be the ones who end up cold, damp and penniless?

The Markets Are Heading Towards a Cliff…First to Jump is Chicken

This is a time to prepare. The market and the Fed may be playing a game of chicken. But they are also still heading for the edge of the cliff.

It’s All a Gigantic Monopoly Game

If you have ever played Monopoly, you have probably noticed two things. The game can be really long and the banker — who pretty much controls the game — can never run out of money.

Could This be the Next Economic ‘Fat Tail’ Event?

Here at Money Morning New Zealand, we watch out for both positive and negative black-swan events…because we believe they can seriously affect your wealth.

The Problem with Extrapolating Trends

The future definitely ain’t going to be what it used to be. Therein lies the danger with extrapolating trends. We fall into the ‘recentism’ trap.