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Our Doom Index Hasn’t Been This High Since 2008

Is an economic crash imminent? Here’s a hint: the last time our Doom Index was this high was in 2008. Here’s what’s at stake.

Trump Needs the Trade War to Maintain the Illusion of a Strong Economy

When we had kings and queens, a monarch justified his power by claiming a divine right given to him by God.

Invest in These Three Assets to Shield Your Wealth During Market Volatility

We’re in the longest bull market in US history. Volatility is the new normal. You just have to get used to it.

Gold Tells Us the Stock Market’s True Condition

Buying the Dow with 40 ounces of gold in January 2000. By January 2011, the Dow 30 stocks would cost 8 ounces.

Inflation Has Distorted The US Markets

What kind of capitalism is it when the capitalists drive up their share prices rather than producing goods and services that they can sell at a profit?

The Federal Reserve Will Inflate the Economy Further

The Fed has to inflate the financial sector with more cheap credit, or the boom will die.

The Markets Have Been Censored by the Feds

The money is fake. Interest rates are artificial. Prices are fraudulent. And today, the price signals are worthless.

The Fed Prepares for Mistake #3

Setting artificially low interest rates made the downtrend worse. Growth slowed further. The Swamp deepened. The empire grew bigger and more corrupt.

‘Us Versus Them’ Is Always a Scam

Why would taxes on the rich suddenly be so popular? Easy…the middle classes think they’ve been cheated. Many thought Donald J Trump would set things right. Now they look to the tax code.

US Stocks Are Playing Russian Roulette

Top macroeconomists are calling for a recession ‘before the end of 2020.’ What? We’ve already been waiting for years…

The Billionaire Backlash Is Coming

What happens to the money the feds tax away from the elite? Where does it go? Back to its rightful owners? Does it boost working-class wages?

Where the Market Will Go Next

The primary trend of the market had changed from bullish to bearish. But that doesn’t mean it will be a straight shot down.

One Mistake Dooms Investors…

Both Trump and Powell will do all they can to save this market. Both are avoiding a bloodbath because the blood will splatter on their own white shirts.

This Could Be Worse Than 1929

The stock market may have resumed its selloff sooner than we expected.The Dow fell 660 points after Apple announced weak sales — mostly in China.

What Trump and Powell Do Next…

Well, we were wrong. We figured the Fed would pause now. Instead, it went ahead with its rate hike and suggested it would pause in 2019.