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The Video Game That Taught Me Wealth

Are you saving enough? Getting ahead is about generating surplus and having the ability to store that surplus.

Shareholders Get Mugged by Texan Short Seller

Short sellers sell stock in a company they don’t own. It’s called selling short.

Even $5 Billion Can’t Buy Happiness

He’s worth over $5 billion. One of Australasia’s richest people. At one point, he was drinking a bottle of vodka a day just to get through the day.

How to Up Your Income Flow

Some stocks just do not grab the imagination. There is no exciting China strategy to unfold. No game-changing piece of technology. But sometimes these stocks are not as dull as they might seem.

Feeling Poor? Escape the Wage Trap by Investing Smartly

How do you beat low Kiwi wages? Save whatever you can. Build a dividend-rich investment portfolio.

Jacinda’s Made the Right Choice: Forget the CGT

As an investor, I opened one of my nice bottles of French wine the other week when the Ardern government dismissed the proposed CGT.

Are Banking Sector Stocks Really a Safe Bet?

Many people think banking sector stocks are a safe bet because they pay strong dividends. But storm clouds have been gathering for some time now.

Take Advantage of Opportunities Here and Overseas

Should you invest in India? This is was the topic at my desk last week. A colleague of mine thought it was a capital idea. And I thought, why not? Successful investing usually works everywhere. So why wouldn’t it work in India? This

Buy a Stock for Personality, Not Looks

Of course looks matter. An attractive woman or man is irresistible at first. Anything and everything they say is interesting. And the fact that so many other people think so too, makes them that much more attractive. I’m sure you