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Money Only Gets You So Far: The Rise and Fall of Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg. Self-made billionaire. Three-term New York mayor. Failed presidential candidate. How did it go so wrong for him?

How the Middle Class Was Doubly Cheated

Policy proposals by Republicans and Democrats set off intense political firestorms — setting ‘us against them’ — but they leave the real distribution of power and wealth untouched.

America: 52nd in Freedom

Tax revenues, deficits, negative interest rates — it all goes to the same place: wherever the Deep State deciders want it to go.

How Mob Rule Comes to America

Today, the mob thinks it has been done dirty by the elite. But it is unaware of how the dirty was done, and so, its efforts — on both sides of the political divide — are ineffectual, irrelevant, or deleterious.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Danger to The Nation

A big, new danger appeared in Congress this month: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newest representative of New York’s 14th district.

Forget Russia. Here’s the Real Threat to American Elections…

As we heard into the midterms, we’re hearing a lot about Russian hackers and Chinese spies. But we actually face a much greater problem: American apathy.

The End of the Republican Party

The Republican Party used to be known as the party of balanced budgets, free trade and limited government. Sadly, that’s no longer true.