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Jacinda’s Made the Right Choice: Forget the CGT

As an investor, I opened one of my nice bottles of French wine the other week when the Ardern government dismissed the proposed CGT.

CGT: No Left or Right About It

If I can’t take the heat, maybe I should get out of the kitchen…But, before I do, please give me a chance to explain my position.

Bye Bye Bach: Cullen Recommends Capital Gains Tax

If you own land…or property…or stocks…or a business…you have just become a victim to the greedy, grubby hands of a government that can’t resist spending more of your money.

An Investor’s Nightmare: How Capital Gains Jeopardises Your Wealth

Could it be time to return to the good old days? Should we start paying heaps more taxes to pay for politicians like Sir Michael to ‘guide’ our lives?