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Silicon Valley of the South Seas

The Hawaiki cable is an exhilarating new development. It’s set to turbocharge New Zealand’s tech industry and give them more access to global markets.

Take Advantage of Opportunities Here and Overseas

Should you invest in India? This is was the topic at my desk last week. A colleague of mine thought it was a capital idea. And I thought, why not? Successful investing usually works everywhere. So why wouldn’t it work in India? This

When Big Tech Joins Forces with Big Crypto

There’s been a massive new announcement with one of the world’s biggest tech companies. This one has a market cap of more than US$200 billion.

Buy a Stock for Personality, Not Looks

Of course looks matter. An attractive woman or man is irresistible at first. Anything and everything they say is interesting. And the fact that so many other people think so too, makes them that much more attractive. I’m sure you