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The Disappearance of the American Conservative

The economy is no better than it was under Barack Obama. And that ‘blazing’ growth? It’s actually less than the growth rate through the Great Depression!

The Real State of the Union

Americans are now among the most heavily policed people in the advanced world. There were three federal crimes in 1789; there are more than 4,000 today.

Trump Is Trapped

Stocks advanced a little yesterday. Investors were said to be hopeful about the upcoming trade talks with the Chinese. With a little luck, President Trump will talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping about the ongoing trade war. He’ll announce a

What Trump and Powell Do Next…

Well, we were wrong. We figured the Fed would pause now. Instead, it went ahead with its rate hike and suggested it would pause in 2019.

The Fed Has the Shakes

Central banks have no economic magic. No financial panaceas. No money miracles. They can’t really make an economy run better.

Good News About the Coming Crash

The last leaves are falling from the trees. And the last days of December are counting down, like the quiet moments before an execution.

What We Said to a Group of DC Elite

We have a bubble economy, not an economy on a solid footing of rising wages, productivity, sales, and profits. The boom we have enjoyed is largely fake.

What Trump Will Say at the G20

The Fed’s big mistake following the 2008 crisis was holding interest rates down too low for too long. This discouraged saving and made debt more attractive.

Investors Are Going to Get Scalped

The US dollar is fake money. And the Fed lends it out at fake rates. This is why corporate, consumer, and government debt is so high.

This Will Be Trump’s Real Legacy

The Republican Party used to be about small government and balanced budgets. But now, under Trump, it’s embraced disastrous debt and inflation.

Voting: America’s Favourite Hollow Ritual

Now that the dust has settled on the midterms, we see the Democrats in control of the House and Trump’s power diminished. But will anything actually change?

Americans Will Welcome the Tech-Fuelled Police State

They promised us that the digital economy would keep us safe and make us more prosperous. But what if it’s just a new form of enslavement?

What Americans Really Need Right Now

Americans generally believe that the economy under Trump is galloping along at a fantastic pace. Sadly, that’s not the truth.

We Received a Surprising Phone Call…

Donald Trump came into the White House promising to drain the swamp. Instead what we’re seeing is the deficit ballooning to $1.3 trillion next year.

America’s Debt: A Recipe for Disaster

The stock market is more volatile than it’s ever been. Why? Well, it all comes down to America’s ferocious appetite for debt.